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Hi. We are T7Lab.

digital services & products.

What we do

T7Lab is a strategic partner for developing digital services and products with a strong focus on user experience. Together with our clients and partners we craft digital solutions that are spot on and tailored towards their customers.

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Consulting & Research

Need to improve your existing product or have to build a brand new service from scratch? We will walk in the shoes of your customers, discover their motivations and behaviours, and create clarity out of disorder.
We do: Contextual Inquiry, Interviews, Domain Research, Strategic Roadmaps, Minimum Valuable Service (MVS).

Design & Prototyping

Have an idea you want to further develop without going all the way to functional product, yet? We build concepts and functional prototypes which form the basis for further decisions and directions.
We design: Personas, Scenarios, Use Cases, Storyboards, Information Architecture, User Journey, Wireframes, Minimum Viable Products (MVP).


We either build your digital product start to finish, or we support your existing development team on the front-end side.
Part of our tech stack: HTML5, CSS3, BEM, SMACCS, Webpack, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.Js, Angular, React, Vue, Frontend architecture, WordPress headless, JAM Stack, Git, Continuous Integration & Delivery.

How we could assist you

Bringing together multiple disciplines, we excel at the intersection of business needs, design, and development. Though we are able to support you from start to finish, we like to see ourselves as a partner along your journey and support you wherever it is most effective. Whether that be development only, supporting you during design & prototyping phase, or right at project kick-off with ideation and research.

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Selected Partners and Clients

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  • Logo Sparkassenversicherungen
  • Logo Mercedes-Benz
  • Logo fischerwerke
  • Logo walter tools
  • Logo adrion transporte
  • Logo siemens

About T7Lab

T7Lab was founded by Philipp Timmalog back in 2015 with a desire to create a creative environment in which all aspects of life – daily creative business, lab like playground, lifelong learning, friends, family – go seamlessly hand in hand. T7Lab is a place where individuals are encouraged to think differently, play around with the latest technology and try out new stuff all without worrying too much about profitability. Rather, we belief that our playful nature and environment without old school nine to five working days and old working models, will automatically benefit our partners, clients, and co-workers in the longer run.

Our philosophy of working together

  • Be playful

    We try out new things, whether that be topics like Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, cloud development, or playing around with the latest JavaScript frameworks. Our playful nature combined with our lab like environment is what keeps us excited and enables us to deliver outstanding solutions with our partners.

  • Be empathetic

    It just doesn’t make sense to consult or build products for customers we don’t know. We strive to understand our clients and their customers thoroughly. We want to feel their pain points. Empathy is what enables us to design solutions for real problems.

  • Be curious

    Never take status quo for granted. Think differently, question current workflows, try out new stuff, never stand still.

  • Be courageous

    Speak out if things are not working as expected. Speak out if things could be improved. Speak out if your gut feeling tells you so. Don’t shy away from difficult circumstances. Together we will find solutions for almost everything.

  • Be honest

    Always, whether that be about telling a client where she is wrong, or if you messed things up. We are allowed to fail. Because failure helps to learn.

  • Be prepared

    In this fast moving world we have to be prepared for continuous change and adapt quickly. New technologies won’t overwhelm us, rather we embrace them and think of useful applications.

  • Be friendly

    Towards our clients, our co-workers, our company, our family.


T7Lab is expanding and we're looking for new people to join us. We want to work with people interested in making the world a better place through leveraging latest technology. Are you curious, compassionate, friendly, supportive, driven, self-motivated, and don't take everything too seriously? I think you should apply right away!
Just send an informal email and tell me a little bit about yourself, who you are, what drives and motivates you, and just a little bit about your skillset.

Our daily business:

  • Crafting concepts of registration flows, onboarding flows and payment flows.
  • Taking part in analysis, investigations, brainstorming sessions and all the other nice things orbiting actual development.
  • Developing JS web apps for mobile and desktop.
  • Liaise with our Clients to provide technical support.
  • Frontend development.

What's in for you:

  • Freedom to work independently and without micro-management
  • Mac hardware and 4k display
  • 30 days of paid planned leave per year
  • Yearly €500 Personal Dev Budget

About you:

We understand that our industry is rapidly changing and we embrace the fact of lifelong learning. Thus, you should love to learn new things quickly, try out new ways and don't shy away from challenges. That is basically the most important asset you should bring to the table. And some love for design and technology would also help.

Let's build something amazing together

Looking to build a new digital product or service, migrating to the latest technology stack, or looking to improve your customer’s online experience? We would love to hear from you and figure out how we could help getting your digital service or product started.

You could reach us either via email (say-hi@t7lab.com), via phone (+49 171 5566829), or this contact form.